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Save the Trees:
Conservation Resources for Arborists

Trees, whether at home or in the rainforests, play an important role in the environmental health of the world.

The rainforest, for example, is home to billions of trees that absorb carbon dioxide, help stabilize the climate, and are a source of food for both wildlife and humans. Trees also serve as shelter for various types of animals.

For example, the red-eye tree frog makes its home in rainforest trees. Tree kangaroos live in the rainforests in New Guinea, and chimpanzees spend a significant amount of their time in the treetops in the forests of central Africa.

Domestic trees also give food and shelter to animals and humans. The removal of trees in a forest is known as deforestation, and it threatens to erase all of these benefits, which are not only positive but necessary. Trees are often cut down or destroyed to clear the land, for timber, to make way for mining or agriculture, and even by oil companies that build pipelines through forests.

Disease is also the enemy of all trees. Tree diseases vary and may be more common in some areas than in others. Tree conservation is crucial to keeping trees in the world's forests, rainforests, and cities safe.

To prevent deforestation, forest and wildlife organizations are working together to help conserve trees. Citizens around the world can also do their part to prevent deforestation and conserve trees in general. This is done by planting trees, recycling products made of wood (including paper), and going paperless as much as possible.

People should also only buy products that have been made or grown sustainably and not in areas that have been destroyed or severely damaged for their manufacture. In addition, there are also various online and offline resources that offer tree conservation guidance.

  • Science Fair Resource and Tree Removal Information: Visit the Laurel Hill Elementary PTA website for information about the 2020 Laurel Hill Science Fair. At the bottom of the page is a large list of links, including one about tree removal.
  • Mrs. Farrell: My Links: Go to this page to find a long list of links about everything from typing skills to telling time, fractions, reading, and frogs. Look to the left for a link to Mrs. Farrell's blog.
  • Mrs. Stutts's Science Websites: Shepherd Elementary School features a collection of links about rainforests, science journals, biomes, elephants in Africa, and other subjects on this page. There are links on the panel to the right to Carla Stutt's home page as well as grammar help, science websites, and reading-related resources.
  • Links for Projects: Click here to visit a page with a list of links about social studies, science, history, art, nutrition, and more. Also see additional links to the left for photo galleries, cool and fun resources, and spelling words.
  • The Sciences: Follow this link to the New Hampshire Homeschooling Resources page. Visitors will find links to general science topics, astronomy, biology, geography, and physics.
  • Hyperlinks to Lots of Fun: A fun list of links created by the Grant County Schools for their students. The links are to sites about agriculture, art, nature and the environment, science, reading, and math.
  • Interesting Web Resources for the Fourth Grade: Teacher Lindsay Wescoe has created this page of links for fourth-grade students. The links provide information regarding big buildings, architects, wasting energy, and the seven wonders of North Carolina.
  • Solutions for Deforestation: Deforestation is the topic of discussion on this page of the People's Agenda 21 website. The page offers readers deforestation facts and solutions and information on forest sustainability and rehabilitation.
  • Alberta Wildlife Rehabilitators' Links Page: Click this link for a list of links to wildlife rehabilitation organizations and member centers. The page also includes government and Alberta organization links.
  • Nature Links for North America and Canada: Visit the Owen Sound Field Naturalists website for links from both Canada and North America, including the Grey Bruce region and Ontario.
  • Design Related Sustainability Resources: Creative professionals will find a list of links to green guides and institutions, blogs and communities, and projects and initiatives. This AIGA Minnesota site also includes Minnesota resources as well as paper and printing, packaging, and materials links.
  • Environment and Climate Change Resources: Learn about environment and climate change by browsing these links on the See Change website.
  • Greener Festival Environmental Links: The Greener Festival website provides a list of U.K. links to environmental or green information. The page also includes a tab for International links.
  • Recycling Resources and Tree Removal: Electronics recycling information can be found here along with a recycling article and related links to information
  • Aarhus European Capital of Culture in 2017 (video): Watch a video and then read the article about Aarhus being appointed European Capital of Culture for 2017 by clicking on this link.
  • Allegan Conservation District: Forestry Information and Resources: Visit this resource page for a list of general forestry, forest health, and association links. People who visit this page will also find educational links for K-12 teachers, wildlife books, and Michigan State University.
  • Links: Tree-Trimming and Care, Protection Bylaws, and Other Resources: Michael Gye Urban Forestry Ltd. provides this list of informational links on arboriculture and trees.
  • Forestry Information and Resources: Visit the Barry Conservation District website to review this lengthy list of forestry-related links.
  • The Power of the Stump: Grinding and How it Is Done (videos): Open this page to review information and videos on the topic of tree removal and stump-grinding. The page includes information on how to stump-grind, how to make a stump-grinder, and how to remove a tree stump.
  • How to Start a Tree-Trimming Business: This page of the Startup Jungle website features a quiz for people interested in the tree-trimming business but who are not certain that it is the right business for them. The quiz is followed by information regarding tree-trimming and the tree-trimming business, including an infographic.
  • Question About Tree Removal and Cutting Down a Tree by Oneself: On this question and answer page, a reader of the Blue Collar Workman asks if they can cut a tree down by themselves.
  • The Cost of a Stump-Grinder Rental: Discover the cost of renting a stump-grinder when you click on this link to the HowMuchIsIt website. In addition to the basic cost, the page also covers what is included, extra charges, and how to save money.
  • Felling a Tree: Tree Removal Technique: Read about the safe technique for cutting down a tree so that it falls where one wants it.
  • Man Uses His SUV to Attempt Tree Stump Removal: Click on this link to read about a man who attempted to remove a tree stump using his SUV. The article is featured on the San Francisco Globe website.
  • Parks and Recreation: Cemeteries and Public Grounds: Read about tree and brush removal on the Taunton, Massachusetts, government website. It explains the procedures involved, and there are additional links included at the bottom of the page.
  • Today's Tree Questions (PDF): Frequently asked questions are the subject of this PDF by the government of Renton, Washington. Questions answered include how to get permission, who is responsible for maintenance, and tree topping.
  • After-Storm Tree Work: Helpful Guidelines for Hiring a Tree Contractor (PDF): The University of Connecticut offers information about tree care in this document. It focuses on how to repair a tree that is damaged by a storm, and there is a checklist at the end.
  • Tree Removal (PDF): Click this link to visit the Environmental Protection Agency's brochure about asbestos contamination and the need to remove trees to clean it up. Contact information for people involved in the project can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • Woodwaste/Tree Removal: Visit the UC Santa Cruz website to read a short notice about removing wood debris on campus.
  • Parks and Recreation: Natural Resources: Go here to read about the Forestry Unit in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Tree planting and pruning, storm response, disease and pest management, and managing tree debris are some of the subjects that are covered.
  • Urban Forestry Compliance: Visitors to this website by the city of Forth Worth, Texas, will find information about tree removal and urban forestry permits as well as how to apply for a permit. Additional information available here covers fees and answers to zoning-related questions.
  • Tree Removal Requests: Readers interested in tree removal in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, can go here to read a brief notice about General Law Chapter 87.
  • Benefits of Trees: The NC State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences provides an extensive article about the benefits of trees on their website.
  • Application for Grading and Clearing Permit: Tree Removal (PDF): Click here for a PDF application for a tree-removal permit in the township of Marlboro, New Jersey.
  • Chainsawing for Conservation: Ecologically Informed Tree Removal for Habitat Management (PDF): Visit this link to read a research report about how to avoid habitat degradation when removing trees.
  • Residential Tree Protection (PDF): This two-page brochure by the Lake County, Florida, Department of Growth Management addresses the need for a permit to remove protected trees from anywhere in the county.
  • City Tree Policies: Visitors to the Sterling Heights, Michigan, government website will find information about tree removal and planting on this page. Information about volunteer opportunities, employment, and right-of-way rules are linked to on the left side.
  • Tree-Trimming and Removal: Click this link to see a collection of clip art related to tree-trimming and removal.
  • Tree-Trimming and Vegetation Management: The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor features information about tree management on its page. Links to annual reports and an explanation of the latest tree management regulations are included.
  • Tree Removal With Traffic Revision: Click here to read a short notice by Washington State University News about tree removal activity.
  • Department of Public Works/Engineering: Visit this page to read about the town of Grafton, Massachusetts's tree removal application process. Three forms are included.
  • Tree Removal Is a Hot Topic During Autumn: The effects of trees on the quality of turf on golf courses is the subject of this article by Ohio State University. A link to the audio version is also available here.
  • Solar Array Installation: Follow this link to read a blog on the Wesleyan University website about a tree removal operation to clear a field for a solar array. Photographs of the targeted area are included.
  • Our Trees: The city of New Orleans discusses the environmental benefits of planting trees around the city on their Parks and Parkways page.
  • Tree Removal on Allendale Campus: Go here to read a Grand Valley State University notice concerning the removal of trees for a construction project. Contact information is also included.
  • Tree Roots and Sewer Lines (PDF): Clemson University presents a brochure about sewer line damage caused by tree roots. It focuses on extensive details concerning how to diagnose, repair, and prevent these problems.
  • Tree Removal Courtesy Notice: Click this link to read a notice by the Oregon Department of Transportation regarding tree removal.
  • Doral, Florida, Tree Permits: Visit the Doral, Florida, government website to read guidelines concerning the removal and replacement of trees.

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