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The Enthusiasts Car and Driving Resource List

There has never been a more exciting time to be a car enthusiast in the United States. The U.S. has one of the most vibrant and eclectic hobbyist scenes in the world when it comes to cars. That's not surprising: Thanks to innovators such as Henry Ford, the U.S. can reasonably claim to be the birthplace of the affordable and practical consumer car. And since then, the pace of progress hasn't slowed down at all.

Up until recently, it was easy to assume that the electric car was a fad. Nowadays, even though the technology is not yet mature, the most recent generation of electric cars perform almost as well as their gas-run counterparts. Plus, they offer incredible mileage per charge. Many places around the U.S. are now involved in a large-scale push to install charging stations for cars, so they may become much more common over the next decade.

When you operate any motor vehicle, it's important to make sure that the young ones are safe. Child safety seats make a significant difference in ensuring safety in the event of an accident. Believe it or not, child safety seats can be appropriate all the way into the early teen years. Using a child safety seat correctly can be surprisingly difficult, so it's important to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions closely and upgrade as a child grows.

"Eco cars" are cars that use alternative fuel sources aside from the traditional gasoline and diesel. In the past, it has been possible to develop cars that would run on a wide range of different fuel sources, even including water! Unfortunately, these super-specialized cars have never met the performance requirements of the average driver. With the growth of technology in the 21st century, however, more practical designs for eco cars appear every day.

Car insurance is one of the most important things that every driver needs to have at all times. Without it, you could find yourself out of luck in the event of an automotive accident. Luckily, it's easy to get tons of fast, accurate insurance estimates online. Whenever you look for an auto insurance package, make sure you're meeting the requirements of your state as well as stocking up on enough insurance to give yourself peace of mind during long commutes or trips.

Model cars give you a fun and exciting way to "own" cars you might not be able to drive out on a race course. Today's model cars go well beyond ordinary toys to offer a very authentic reproduction of many different vehicles. If you look, you're sure to find great model cars, trucks, and even military vehicles. Hobbyists get together to show off their favorites and discuss the latest trends all throughout the United States.

Car insurance is a "must have," but it's arguably never more important than it is in Florida. Thanks to changing demographics and harsh weather, Florida can be one of the most dangerous places to operate your motor vehicle. Keeping your car insurance current will help you navigate the highways of Florida with greater confidence; some of the most serious accidents that take place on the road each year happen in the Sunshine State's major corridors.

World War II was a revolutionary time for many forms of technology, and motor vehicles were no exception. This war brought us the modern conception of the Jeep, tank, and many forms of truck that we take for granted on today's roads. By pressing the domestic automotive industry into service during the fighting, the U.S. made an indelible impact on the future of vehicles. World War II is still one of the most popular conflicts for auto enthusiasts to learn about.

The green commute movement focuses on finding ways to make commuting more friendly to the environment at large. Green commuters combine technological innovations such as electric cars with social ideas such as carpooling. Most people don't have the option of shortening their commute, so it's important to think outside the box when you consider what might be possible. A green commute doesn't just help the environment but can also save time and money.

It's long been known that teen drivers are the people at greatest risk of an accident in many road situations. Teen drivers are more likely to get distracted by friends, music, and other things that a more experienced driver would have better luck putting aside. Likewise, teens are the drivers most likely to succumb to texting while driving, an immensely dangerous hazard for anyone on the road. With the right knowledge, it becomes much easier for teens to stay safe.

Americans love car racing. NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States and draws millions of spectators each and every year. Although there are alternatives out there, such as Formula 1 and IndyCar, it is definitely NASCAR that's an American institution. Whatever type of racing you enjoy, there's no doubt that these are some of the fastest and most advanced cars in the world, and the drivers who master them are incredibly talented.

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