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Columbia Sportswear

Columbia sportswear is a clothes manufacture that specializes in outdoor activities.

This company was founded in 1938 by Paul Lamfrom after having just previously arrived from Nazi-occupied Germany. Arriving in America, they soon bought a hat distributor in Portland, Oregon. He named the company after the Portland River and he and his wife ran the business until their daughter Gert took over, later married to Neal Boyle.

In the 1960's Columbia Sportswear started manufacturing their own lines of clothing due to supply shortages. In the 1970's, Neil passed away, so Gert and her son Tim started to run the company. In 1998 they became an openly traded company, and from there acquired several other clothes manufactures in order to expand their line of sportswear.

They offer a wide range of sportswear products for the prospective hiker and backpacker. They have clothing in all sizes for both men and women that will meet the needs of any hardy outdoorsperson. The clothing options range from sturdy jackets that can keep the wearer warm on the coldest of nights to breathable special blend shirts that will keep your temperature well regulated regardless of how the weather changes.

Columbia also provides a wide range of shirts and headwear. They have shoes as well that will keep your feet snug and warm, while still maintaining a full range of motion for those long distance hikes.

They also offer watches that will not only help you keep track of time on those long treks into the wilderness, but will also help you keep from getting lost with an embedded compass. Their watches also come with altimeter for measuring altitude, a barometer for measuring pressure and they are even waterproof.

Columbia also has backpacks that will store everything you need for your trip, while still maintaining a level of comfort. After a long day's journey, they offer a selection of sleeping bags for longer excursions and keeping the cold way when you need it most.

If you want to introduce your kids to the joys of travelling the same forested trails that you do, there is no need to worry as they make sportswear for kids as well. They have products for both boys and girls and they have something for nearly every age range. They have complete onesies and matching gloves for infants. They offer nearly every sort of clothing type available to adults for kids from ages of toddler through teenager.

Columbia sportswear has proudly been making high quality clothing and equipment for trail brazers and explorers for nearly 75 years. Their range of sportswear products are for all kinds of different activities for the active individual.

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