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Backpacking Holiday In Spain

Backpacking is truly a great way at getting a real insight into a country. If you stay in normal tourist resorts and hotels it can often be difficult to get a true feeling of the culture of a destination. However, by traveling around whilst you're on your trip, and booking hostels and experiences as you go, you'll be able to explore some of the destinations off the beaten track, allowing you to have a holiday experience like no other.

Before you leave it is important to ensure that you do a little homework on where you are going and what you want to do. Unlike backpacking in English speaking nations you'll need to ensure that you have some Spanish basics, especially if you want to travel to some of the more isolated regions. Whilst many Spaniards will speak English in the popular tourist areas it is always a good idea to make some effort in speaking their native language, and you'll find that you are often more welcomed. In addition, making friends with locals as you travel will also offer the opportunity to get even more out of your experience.

In addition to gaining some language skills it is also important to think about travel. Whilst public transport is easily accessible if you're traveling through some of the larger towns and cities, quieter areas may have limited services or none at all. For these areas it may be a good idea to consider car rental. Whilst you'll have to pay for hire and fuel, you will save money that would normally be spent on train, bus or taxi journeys. The Madrid to Seville AVE train is a great way to get from one side of the country to the other, but you'll find rail prices quite high, particularly if you’re traveling on popular routes.

There are a large range of top places to visit on your holiday to Spain, and there are four specific regions which all have their own cultural image. Northeastern Catalonia includes Barcelona, Spain's most cosmopolitan city and the perfect place to visit if you want a thriving beach life alongside historic culture and all night partying. The Balearic Islands are also included in this Spanish region, and if you want to enjoy a little piece of paradise, then heading to Palma will offer golden sands and beautiful mountains. The Pamplona region is home to the nation's famous Bullfights, and the San Fermins Festival is a particular highlight if you happen to be in Pamplona at the beginning of July. Andalucia is Spain's most historic region and is home to stunning cities such as Seville and Granada, and if you wish for your travels to take you towards Portugal, then heading to Galacia in the northwest is ideal.

Spain has a fantastic warm climate and is perfect for backpacking through, especially if you have the means of transport to easily get you from one spot to the next. And by including some of the top cities in addition to learning some of the basic language, you'll ensure that you return home with Spanish memories to last a lifetime.

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