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Hiking and Backpacking.com is a quick and easy way to find information for backpackers and hiker. It's also a fast way to find out which stores have the best deals on outdoor gear, including hiking boots and shoes, backpacks, clothing and accessories. We're constantly searching the Web for the best buys and new deals on outdoor gear, but we only recommend these deals if they are being offered by a well-known and trusted site. So look around, browse the hiking clubs, visit some of the top manufacturers, find a promising trail to hike someday, or look for a bargain on that special piece of equipment you need.

Who Has Free Shipping Today:
Moosejaw will ship orders over $49 for free.
Altrec.com is offering free shipping today on orders over $50.
Sports Authority offers free shipping on orders over $39.
US Outdoor Store won't charge for shipping on all orders over $40.

Top Gear Choices from around the Web

Backpacks for Hikers Eastern Mountain Sports carries a great supply of backpacks. They have a good assortment of daypacks, multi-day packs, hydration packs and other specialty bags. Along with eBags, they have one of the better selections on the Web.

Hiking boots and shoes REI has a top offering of footwear, including these Merrell backpacking boots, which are a terrific choice for serious hikers and backpackers. The Walking Company offers plenty of other good options for more urban treks and when comfort is a top priority.

Hiking jackets Patagonia is one of the best choices for outerwear, featuring longtime favorites such as this waterproof Storm Jacket — perfect for around the mountain and around town. Besides Patagonia's own site, you can also locate big selections of their gear at sites such as Moosejaw.

This Week's Deals at REI.com:

Your footwear can really take a beating on the trail. Breaking in a new pair of boots or shoes isn't always the greatest afternoon either. Here's a thought — take care of your current pair and make them last as long as possible. Here's some tips on how to do that.

There are lots of great outdoor apparel manufacturers out there, Columbia is certainly one of them. Read more about how Columbia came about.

Hiking around your home town is fun, but getting out far from home can be a trip you'll always remember. If you plan ahead and bring the right footwear, trekking through Spain can be pretty great.

Tips on buying the the perfect GPS system —
Okay, so maybe my father never needed a GPS system with him when he headed out into the wilderness, but a good GPS unit can be a great convenience and a valuable safety device for a lot of people making their way around the backcountry. Read more...

Rugged zoom binoculars and digital camera binoculars —
Do you enjoy taking pictures while you're out backpacking? Check into the basics about zoom binoculars and digital camera binoculars.

Backpacking alone —
It's always best to backpack with another person and we don't recommend going out into the backcountry by yourself, but if you're gonna do it, make sure you at least take some elementary precautions when hiking solo. Read more...

Picking the right cookware for the trail —
If you're gonna be walking around all day, you will get hungry and thirsty. Trail mix and water may keep you going, but nothing beats a hot meal cooked outdoors. Read more...

Do you know of a great outdoor gear store, club or trail? Are we missing something? Drop us a note and we'll pass it on to other hikers and backpackers.

Visit our short list of the best online shops.

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Top Deals Today:

Eastern Mountain Sports

Outdoor apparel and supplies on sale

Sale on Hiker Gear

REI for gear
Discover great new outdoor apparel and gear at REI.

Cabela's for Outdoor Gear
Try Cabela's for all kinds of great seasonal outdoors gear and outerwear.

Check out our list of the Best Shopping Sites on the Web for backpacking supplies.

Get Patagonia straight from the factory.

If you really want to save some money on outdoor equipment, try buying used gear. See our short list of the
top used gear sites, including eBay.

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